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333 kW Continuous Onsite Electrical Power with Integrated Heat Recovery. Ultra-clean electricity and useful thermal energy from a rugged and efficient gas turbine. Now with increased power and efficiency.


Key Features

  • New upgrated unit derived from MT250 with over one million hours of fleet operation experience
  • New compressor increases power and efficiency
  • New inlet guide vanes increase efficiency at part-load conditions, ideal for off-grid-isolated or dual-mode
  • Low emissions meet stringent environmental standards
  • Integrated, variable-output waste-heat recovery unit available


Rugged Gas Turbine

  • Back-to-back rotating components
  • Proven oil-lubricated bearings
  • High H2S tolerance up to 6.500 ppmv


Synchronous Generator

  • Same technology utilities use to power the grid
  • High load starting capability 125 DOL (typical)


Patented Recuperator

  • Critical to high system efficiency


Combined Heat and Power

  • Controlable output level
  • Integral heat recovery unit enclosed within turbine package
  • No ducting required
  • Suitable for portable applications


Electrical Performance

  • Electrical efficiency (+/-2%) 32% LHV without gas booster
  • Electrical power (+/-15%) 333 kW nominal

Range of Turbines

EC 250


Flex MT250

Flex MT333



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